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Technology Offer - Arolab

Micropropagation of ornamental plants Optmization of rooting protocols for cuttings
Technology Offer - Arolab Technology Offer - Arolab
We have developed new effective propagation protocols for in vitro plant growing of different plant species, both forestal and ornamental plants such as agaves, yucca, orchids, and fig trees. Development of an efficient root system suposes the most important step for vegetative propagation of cuttings in many plant species. We have optimized the physiological and environmental conditions during rooting in recalcitrant varieties of carnation, tomato, olive and argan.
Detection and quantification of plant pathogens Improvement of genetic complex traits in ornamental and horticultural species
Technology Offer - Arolab Technology Offer - Arolab
Using molecular techniques based on DNA amplification from affected plant samples and specific sequences we can find out the plant pathogen and the best treatment. In our laboratory we have developed molecular tools based on genome and transcriptome mass sequencing techniques wich will be useful for their implementation on improvement programs.

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